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StartUp! game

It's called StartUp! It is a game that teaches how to start, manage, expand a company, simulating what is happening in reality. At the beginning all participants are out of the market. Randomly, you take a company: all realistic startups, at the present time. You have a game card, business and space to fill out your business plan. In turn, by pulling "human resources" cards, fill in the organizational chart, that is your workgroup. If you take the "credit" cards instead, you start writing the credits at your disposal. And fill in your income statement as well.

Other cards are the "market" cards, a mix of probabilities and unexpected, Monopoly-style: they can bring you discounts, gains, taxes, but you can take them only once the game is started. Proceed box after box, throwing the supplied dice. The goal is to reach a certain level of turnover. But also create a system to win, in which the business continues to generate a positive cash flow, all months. The company thus becomes viable, if the startupper wants to do so. "The happiest players are the real entrepreneurs," says Loris Zoppelletto, another creator. StartUp can create a moment of playful training in professional studios, schools, universities, business incubators, and trade associations. Tells Moreno Michelazzo, a Venetian entrepreneur and confident industry president. "It develops awareness, especially on the topics of professionalism, on the pathways that trigger new productive activities." A weak point in the game? "The presence of a trainer or co-ordinator that facilitates participants in certain phases of the game."

Then there is the StartUp! Club, a new project that combines entrepreneurial education, play, opportunities to meet people and business partners.

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