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Project - U-Start

In line with the specifics contained in the ERASMUS + Call for Proposal, in particular for the KA2 - Partnerships in the vocational training sector, CONFAO has developed a transnational "U-START" project that needs to develop approaches (IFP) and IFP staff (teachers and trainers), providing training tools and training courses for skills-based initiative and entrepreneurship, based on enterprise simulation and business game simulation methodology.

The project aims are:

  • Promote the exchange of best practices at European level, in the field of entrepreneurship training, by simulating business-to-business enterprises.
  • Promote the Geographic Model Simulator Transfer for Training Entrepreneurship, as a training methodology for the development of entrepreneurial skills in vocational education and training institutes.
  • Promote the development, transfer and implementation of business games to connect the ICT tools and simulators available in the different partner countries for the application of the training company simulator. In particular, to develop business-related games to the market, competition analysis, business planning, business plan and enterprise start-up.
  • Promote skills acquisition that will enable VET professionals to improve teaching / training for key competences, such as those relating to the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, as set out in the 2006 European Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong learning.

The idea of the project was developed on the basis of two different experiences, carried out on a different level, with three common elements:

  • The use of a "scientifically organized" simulation approach in the field of education;
  • The use of ICT for simulation and business gaming;
  • A participative approach in teaching and learning.
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