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I SEE YOU – Initiative to foster Social Entrepreneurship Experience for Youth

The I SEE YOU project aims to develop a flexible and integrated approach to train and increase the entrepreneurial skills of young unemployed people in Europe, with particular emphasis on the situation of young migrants and / or minorities. The project aims to offer to unemployed young people who have affinities with the IT tools for creating their own social enterprise. SEE YOU is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + 2014 Program, Key Activity 2, Strategic Partnerships in the Youth Sector. Project Number: 2014-1-AT02-KA205-000212.

Period: from 1 November 2014 to 31 October 2016


  • Evaluating and classifying the 10 Key Competences for Young Entrepreneurship (EUCIS-LLL, 2013) applicable throughout Europe
  • Develop a strategy that defines how and where to attract young multipliers, contact and interact with youth unemployed, including young migrants and / or minority members
  • Identify and analyze the difficulties and obstacles faced by migrant and / or minority members in trying to become entrepreneurs and to propose appropriate countermeasures. Increase awareness of such issues, especially in policy makers
  • Develop a business training course for young people from different European countries, convert training sessions to multilingual OER accessible to anyone interested, ensure recognition of these training paths for young participants, increasing their qualifications
  • To explain the concept and strategy of Business Angels to young people who become entrepreneurs, to develop a transnational strategy on how to attract Business Angels that can then be duplicated by young people and start collaborating with such figures In the various national contexts
  • Develop and Test a Business Simulation Tool to Improve Key Competences and General Trust of Potential Social Entrepreneurs.
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