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What is a social enterprise? The virtuous example of Abnormal

A virtuous social enterprise is the one that creates horizontal dynamics that creates benefits for everyone and believes in the values of solidarity, social justice, the guarantee of organizational democracy and the direct involvement of workers in management, equal opportunities and the reduction of inequalities. In our experience in the eco-ethical product market, all businesses are called to value creation before profit: all companies have chosen high standards of sustainable and circular production, entering into productive cycles that stimulate relationships, the ethical use of resources and create wealth for the community.

Among these companies the one that makes the creation of social value its declared goal is surely Abnormal. This signature of ethical fashion made in Italy is so structured on the concept of social wealth creation, which seems to cross the boundaries of the company, in order to tend to be rather a complex network of social relationships (between subjects and craftsmanship crafts) which aims to create wealth widespread. In their presentation, moreover, the ambition is to turn the customer into a protagonist of production, completely abandoning that passive role that the consumer has, to turn it into the mythological Prosumer: the company involves the final customer in production, of which he became active subject himself. Abnormal tells us immediately that its task is to innovate business models in order to use them to get a high value output. Abnormal has chosen to "differentiate production methods by building a solid business model that self-organizes through the synergies between all the social, public and private players that find their inspiration; A model of networking to promote an ethics of responsibility capable of identifying and networking all kinds of resources: from private to public, from the human and family to the organizational and financial ones. "Their main task is to producing social value, well-being and a new spirit of social economy starting from every single person.

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